but the thing is, I get things wrong all the time. And I feel bad about it.

They aren’t big things. Not often at least. Usually they’re little things. I snapped at the wife a couple of days ago. This morning, I didn’t put enough milk in my sister’s tea. She didn’t complain. But she didn’t drink much of it either.

I feel guilty, and it’s only right that I do. But in the 1990’s, we decided that objectivity was probably not a real thing, and that actually all we had were our own perspectives. That meant all we could do with our thoughts, emotions and our lives in general is run around telling other people about them. They have no objective validity after all. Then blogging came along. If I was American I would call it a perfect storm. As I’m not, I’ll settle for ‘handy’.

So, the thing is, I feel guilty, but that only means anything unless I’m telling other people. It’s only valuable if others know about it. But I shouldn’t be bothering people with this kind of pointless trivia. It’s not worth your time, you know.

Really. It’s not.

It’s a bit catch 22. I feel bad if you read this, as it is clearly a waste of your time. On the other hand, since the 1990’s the guilt I feel for the things I do wrong is only real if I tell you about it, and only worth anything if you bother to read about it. So if I didn’t write this, that means I wouldn’t actually feel guilty for the things I had done wrong. That would make me a really horrible person, and I would feel really terrible about that.

So yeah, that’s for why the blog. I’ll be saying sorry for, y’know, being around, but also helping others out by apologising for them. Y’know, like this guy.

There might even be regular features. But then, there might not.